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  • Puzzle

    When I grow up I want to be an artist

    One of the attractive things of having more time for thinking and reflection is the formation of new perspectives. The COVID-19 situation is one particular experience that is without a doubt challenging the way we see things around us. Or at least I hope it is getting us there!  A point that has been on …

  • Christine Porter Lofaro - colouring sheet - stop and smell the roses

    Colouring time!

    Hello all! Hope you are well and looking forward to a new week despite the difficulties of the situation. Let us focus on what can be done and not on the limitations.  I am following the initiative of Stephanie Borg who came up with the brilliant idea to have artwork-inspired colouring sheets for children and adults alike! Many other …

  • Christine Porter Lofaro - Housebound - Covid19

    Some reflections on coping with the status quo

    What a particular time this is. Surreal and anxiety-ridden. Faced with uncertainty and abrupt changes, we’re all trying to adapt and adjust to these changes as they unfold day by day. Until a few days ago I was very energetically preparing and gearing up for my first solo exhibition. I was focusing on the final …