As they all flow

2019 | 50cm x 70cm (framed) | Oil on canvas

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    Finalist in the Campari Negroni N100 Art Competition (1st runner up)

    My painting embodies the exact moment the Negroni drink comes to life, through the process of being poured and mixed. The three equal parts of Negroni are represented by the colours – red (Campari), warm brown (Vermouth Rosso) and transparent white (Gin), in a fervent yet harmonious twist. They are garnished and enhanced by the orange spiral (orange peel). The four elements are fused together in an energetic cluster yet at the same time each individual characteristic is distinctive and is easily singled out while enjoying a Negroni.

    Since the competition is to be featured at the Malta Fashion Awards this sparked off the idea of using a very core element of fashion week, that is, fabric. The lush, elegant, smooth textures of satin and organza reminded me of the smooth flow of each drink being poured while making a Negroni. The combination of all the elements together finally present us with something bold, strong and complex yet at the same time classy, soothing and simple.