• Christine Porter Lofaro - Housebound - Covid19

    Some reflections on coping with the status quo

    What a particular time this is. Surreal and anxiety-ridden. Faced with uncertainty and abrupt changes, we’re all trying to adapt and adjust to these changes as they unfold day by day. Until a few days ago I was very energetically preparing and gearing up for my first solo exhibition. I was focusing on the final …

  • Christine Porter Lofaro - Ella - In progress


    I think this was the painting that marked a significant shift in my style from hard-edge to a more realistic and detailed approach. I had been working on smaller studies and experiments before painting this, however, it was sort of my first fully-fledged painting attempted in realism and using quite a large canvas…80cm x 120cm. …

  • Halloween Card


    🎃🎃🎃 Happy Halloween!! 🎃🎃🎃 A few years back I had designed the images used for these handmade cards! I was quite immersed in the digital stamping world and it was a wonderful experience seeing how other crafters from different countries interpreted my designs to create their own beautiful and imaginative projects. I worked in different styles and …

  • Notebooks

    I really love notebooks…and stationery in general!! Since I was very little, I was quite obsessed with stationery items and come September I used to enjoy several trips to different shops to prepare for school and buy new stuff. There was something about that “new start” feeling which I used to find so exciting. Brand-new, …

  • Belfast Castle - Ireland


    I always get a surge of inspiration when I visit other countries….I feel that such places become an extension of an artist’s studio and these new experiences, however small, will somehow find their way in the development of new ideas and concepts…..I’m curious to see how it might unfold this time around!