Artist’s statement

Portrait of a girl

Emotions. Narratives. Bodies and souls. My work seeks to communicate ordinary moments and the humble stories of people. It strives to present our transitory presence in this world, its intensity and how much it matters.

I have always been sensitive to things of a delicate nature and to things that require special observation. Sentiments stemming from different life experiences, happy or sad, good or bad, give meaning to our existence. I consider this as the essence of being human and this is what connects us all once the frivolity of our material existence is put aside. My work seeks to offer a space where such fragile instances are brought to the front and invites others to gently listen. A space which allows the viewers to come up with their own set of thoughts and feelings. At the core of my work is human connection and how this invisible bond is so compellingly emotive and inescapable.

Figurative work, in particular, enables me to explore these ideas and I choose to work in oils because of its luscious texture, forgiving yet defying qualities, and slow-drying nature. My work process stems from my own personal curiosity and interest in such concepts, and ultimately, how the human figure behaves and reacts. I am continuously drawn to realism, even after I had attempted to abandon it for some time. I have now understood that it complements my voice and instils in me a constant urge to engage in such a style.

I’m equally inspired and influenced by Pop Surrealism. This is reflected in some of my work which features imaginary worlds inhabited by peculiar characters. Although whimsical and dreamy, and at times melancholic and dark, this particular collection similarly draws on the human experience and the way people attempt to make sense of what is around them.

I am very much open to different experiments and explorations and try to give tools and materials their own voice as well. In my studio we work in tandem.